A new range of transroller modules for Interroll conveying lines

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A new range of transroller modules for Interroll conveying lines
Saturday, May 17, 2014Description :
This innovative and modular conveyor solution allows for quick and easy adaptation of your conveyor lines to unpredictable variations in the flow of goods, changes in the structure of orders or products

The Interroll module system includes all the necessary elements for the development of conveyor lines. This of course includes straight lines and curves that are either driven or not. But above all, there are added modules for inserting or ejecting merchandise, transfer modules, vertical belt conveyors, for example for the use of upward slopes.

According to the requirement profile, the conveyor modules can be executed and combined with different driving principles. Dynamic pressureless accumulation conveying systems can be used with proven 24V RollerDrives for energy efficiency. There is also a 400 V drive solution optimized for high conveying speeds and heavy conveyed products (up to 50 kg) and designed for high-efficiency applications.

The modules are available in three standard widths (420, 620 and 840 mm) with optimized delivery times. Other nominal widths are proposed for modifications so that the system can be easily adapted to specific applications.

In order to simplify project planning, Interroll also offers a particularly user-friendly tool: with the new Interroll "Layouter" planning software, system builders and system integrators can create and dimension virtually in advance a conveyor system Adapted to the requirements.

The use of free standards ensures the new range of Interroll is unmatched scalability.

The modularity also allows Interroll to guarantee short delivery times, so that the planned new installation can be implemented, installed and commissioned quickly. The modules are pre-assembled to the extent possible, which drastically reduces the on-site installation time. Independently adjustable side guides, continuously adjustable brackets, integrated cable channels and universal housing for mounting parts

Make installation even easier.

The modules of the new range are compatible with the old Interroll modules, so that customers can enlarge or modify their existing installations by integrating new modules. Thus, we guarantee maximum flexibility to our customers. They are designed as well for integration with roller conveyors as for conveyor belts.

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