ACIMEX suction cups for unmolding and turning reinforced concrete containers

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ACIMEX suction cups for unmolding and turning reinforced concrete containers
Saturday, July 13, 2013Description :
The latest generation of ACIMEX suction cups allows the simultaneous unmolding and return of 5-ton reinforced concrete containers. Acimex emphasizes ergonomics, safety and the operator interface by taking care of the robustness of its equipment.

Smooth or rough, heavy, flexible or rigid, deformed or rectilinear, waterproof or even porous, 40 years experience of the vacuum technique make it possible to meet all the possible challenges.

Acimex is one of the most powerful vacuum lifters in its range. It is currently in service at Alkern manufacturer of reinforced concrete tanks supplier for Plastic Omnium Environment. With a volume of 12 m3 and a weight of 5 tons per piece, it was necessary to have a safe and well-designed solution, the unit can be unmoulded and turned over at one time without breaking load.

Its operation is simple, fast and efficient. After opening the mold, the operator positions the arms of the apparatus remotely around the part, the suction cups are placed in contact with the walls of the concrete tank, and the air is emptied. The part can then be lifted, displaced and then turned up to 180 ° in complete safety.

This process will only take 10 minutes. The device is designed to operate in harsh environments and even extreme indoors and outdoors. Its robustness is due to the choice of components and the design of the master parts such as the suction cup. It is designed internally by our engineers to be tested in our workshops.

This type of device can be declined according to the environment, the materials and the needs of the customer.

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