Aria Industrie takes full advantage of the reliability of Verlinde hoists and jibs

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Aria Industrie takes full advantage of the reliability of Verlinde hoists and jibs
Monday, March 16, 2015Description :
The company Aria, based in Vieillevigne, on the borders of the Loire Atlantique and the Vendée, has been specialized in the manufacture of storage, transfer and weighing equipment for bakeries for more than 30 years. Several months ago, Aria separated from its activity of welding with the creation of Aria industry.
A regional subcontracting activity
Aria Industrie develops a subcontracting activity and opens its skills to companies in the region, within a radius of 150 km, with a first orientation towards the sectors of agri-food, robotics or special machinery. This proximity to customers makes it possible to produce, at the best cost with limited transport costs, heavy and large parts up to 1 Ton and 4,5x2x3,5 m.
Skills in industrialization of boiler making
Benoit Sieler, manager of the company, is surrounded by 15 people in production, who are proficient in the steel, stainless steel or aluminum boiler industry. The production of bent parts, conveyor frames and robotic frames is carried out directly from the customer's plans, industrializing welding-related constraints, such as bending radii. Aria Industrie ensures, after welding, all machining, drilling, tapping and painting operations to deliver a finished product to its customer.
The EUROCHAIN ??VR VARIO hoist and the Verlinde cranes are essential for the production
The 2500 m² workshop consists of two adjoining and open buildings, the first of which is equipped with a traveling crane with a load capacity of 2 Tons which travels over a length of 20 m. Its running track is supported by an autonomous metal structure. The Verlinde EUROCHAIN ??VR VARIO 2-ton hoist supported by the traveling crane moves over a width of 8 m and a height of 6 m. Used at the storage area, it discharges metal bars 14m long and then transfers them to the sawmill for cutting into sections.
The power supply to the EUROCHAIN ??VR VARIO hoist is daisy-chained and the radio remote control ensures good operator safety. Indeed, since the metal bars are heavy and of great length, it is important for the operator to be able to step back in relation to the load, in order to better guide it. The variable-speed electric motors of the EUROCHAIN ??VR VARIO hoist for raising / lowering, as for the horizontal displacement trolley, are also a safety factor in ensuring a smooth movement that avoids the swinging of the load. Finally, the limit switches for the horizontal displacements and the lifting brake complete the safety of the lifting unit, equipped with the EUROCHAIN ??VR VARIO hoist installed in this workshop.
The other building is equipped with 3 Verlinde jibs with hoists of 500 kg for one and 1 ton for the other two. Each hoist is controlled by a button box connected by wire. These jibs allow the loading and unloading of work stations and facilitate the manipulation of parts, such as horizontal turning or vertical turning at 180 °, which in this case is carried out in two stages. These stems are essential to the functioning of the workshop and contribute fully to its productivity. They must guarantee a flawless operation.
Material handling equipment "Zéro souci"
For Benoit Sieler: "The Verlinde material handling equipment in place is fundamental in our manufacturing processes, and for us, its main quality is that it knows how to be forgotten. As we do not have the memory of a breakdown or unexpected stop, we consider them as "Zero worry" equipment. To date, annual maintenance has always been sufficient to ensure seamless service continuity. "

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