At Yale, fleet management is wireless

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At Yale, fleet management is wireless
Monday, September 15, 2008Description :
This product is intended for customers who want to reduce operating costs with a cost-effective fleet management system that provides automated real-time remote control of all forklift operations.

Wireless park management systems are gaining popularity with operators of forklift fleets. The advantages of remote control are: better use of equipment, lower energy costs, reduced damage caused by accidents, reduced maintenance and improved productivity.

The main advantage of Yale's Wireless Asset Management (WAM) system is that it is a simple solution that involves a complete system architecture: intelligent communication module with trucks, automatic two-way radio communication, Pre-implanted assets and Wireless Asset Net® server software, designed to interact with leading enterprise resource planning systems (ERP systems).

Thanks to the real-time wireless tracking of all the operating parameters of the trucks, it is possible to accurately measure the criteria considered to be the most important for each application.

For example, the actual number of hours of operation in relation to the number of hours the truck is not used, truck travel, speed, collisions and unauthorized use are all criteria that can have a significant impact on the productivity.

Customized data for each application can be customized with a series of easy-to-interpret reports and graphs that track activity and events based on standard operating criteria. This allows immediate action to be taken to improve operational standards.

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