Ball transfer table


Ball transfer table
Description :

Ball transfer table allows the multidirectional movement pf the packaged products. It also allows the handling and accumulation of products.

It is mainly used as a workstation with one or more operators.

It is possible to integrate a ball transfer table in a conveyor line. It can be installed between two conveyors, at the exit of a machine or at the end of a line, in order to quickly redirect or eject the packaged product.


  • More productivity
  • Improved ergonomics
  • Order preparation more fluid
  • Reduction in the number of operations
  • Better working conditions and limitation of MSDs

  • Length: 500 to 1 000 mm
  • Width: 300 to 1 000 mm
  • Charge maximum: 50 kg/m²

Application area(s)
  • Logistics
  • Handling
  • Entire industry
  • Parcel
  • Furniture industry

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