Barcode Readers with Future Technology from Leuze Electronic

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Barcode Readers with Future Technology from Leuze Electronic
Saturday, April 19, 2008Description :
These BCL 500i bar code readers are flexible in use and, thanks to field bus connectivity, they are quick to implement.

Flexibility thanks to the diversity of variants:

The variety of variants of Leuze electronic barcode readers offers the user a great deal of flexibility for a wide range of applications. It has the choice of three optical variants for different module widths, from 0.25 mm to 1.0 mm. With identical reading fields, they are all available as line scanners, swivel mirror or reverse mirror variants. Moreover, the high-performance optics of the BCL 500i with a symmetrical optical aperture angle of ± 30 ° make it possible to have a large opening of the reading field with a great depth of field even in the very close area.

Thanks to the integrated PROFIBUS or Ethernet TCP / IP communication interfaces as well as the integrated web-Config configuration software, it is possible to have a quick implementation in existing networks while having a simple handling when putting In service. As yet, the new devices also offer two serial interfaces RS 232 or RS 422 and RS 485. In addition, for networking, the Leuze-specific multiNet is also available. The integrated fieldbus connectivity allows the user to reduce complex wiring and is almost always synonymous with higher data transfer rate because the additional Gateways bottleneck is removed.

Simplicity of commissioning and handling:

Commissioning is simplified thanks to the unique configuration software: webConfig. It allows you to fully set the devices in any Internet browser, directly by the command, and to address via the USB interface. The software has a program structure and comfortable and future-oriented menu guidance. Moreover, the interface is conditioned to be able to use a USB key as external memory of parameters. Obviously, functions such as firmware update, documentation, monitoring and management of parameter sets are also possible.

The well-designed fastening concept also contributes to the comfort of handling and saves especially the assembly time. According to the requirements, the proven dovetail technique as well as the M 4 x 6 screws make it possible to simplify fixing in the installation. Ultralock ™ with M12 connection technology also allows quick and safe connection even under tight installation conditions. Adjustment and parameterization are facilitated by a clear and transparent representation of the values ??read on the multilingual screen. The menu-driven menu is user-friendly with four keys. Two additional diodes give a quick overview of the device status.

High availability of the installation thanks to the code fragmentation (CRT) technology:

During operation, superior performance ensures high readability. Innovative Code Fragment (CRT) technology also ensures it in fast processes. The advantages of this technology are particularly effective with inverted labels on small label heights or with codes to be read with a very oblique position relative to the central axis. Even partially damaged or dirty codes can be decoded.

In their equipment and technology, the new BCL 500i barcode readers offer future performance that allows the user to flexibly respond to every application-specific requirement, while saving time and ensuring High availability of the installation, even in difficult conditions and with ever faster processes.

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