Brady's Codesoft® 2014 Labeling Software for easy integration of barcode printing

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Brady's Codesoft® 2014 Labeling Software for easy integration of barcode printing
Friday, August 15, 2014Description :
As part of its product offering and identification solutions, Brady introduces the 2014 version of Codesoft®. This software provides flexibility and reliability for the design and printing of barcode labels for identification. By combining it with Brady's durable printers and print media, users can quickly design and print barcode labels that can withstand the harshest conditions in any application.

Codesoft® 2014 has been specially designed to help companies with complex labeling requirements. It provides an efficient solution for sophisticated bar code needs for asset and resource management, distribution channel control and stock levels, document tracking and data archive management.

Codesoft® 2014 provides reliable design features, barcode support, automation and security features, as well as simplified data positioning and a versatile Visual Basic script that helps organizations create formats In accordance with sectoral and administrative regulations. The software is compatible with both ERP and Windows 8.1, a reliable platform for rapid label design and printing.

"To print the labels created in Codesoft® 2014, we recommend the Brady BSP61 printing and laying system for labeling in highly automated high-speed production environments or the BBP33 labeling machine, Change the labeling media in less than 20 seconds, "says Tom Bieseman, EMEA Systems Product Manager at Brady Corporation. "These models, along with other Brady thermal transfer printing systems, print information on specialized high speed labels with a high level of accuracy. Coupled with Codesoft 2014, these printers provide a comprehensive labeling solution that will help companies for years to come. "
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