BT France launches Levio range - a new range of electric pallet trucks with accompanying drivers

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BT France launches Levio range - a new range of electric pallet trucks with accompanying drivers
Monday, July 28, 2008Description :
Fast and powerful but safe and easy to use, BT Levio electric pallet trucks offer a full range of solutions for pallet handling.

The BT Levio range of electric pallet trucks is designed for loading and unloading vehicles, order picking and all the usual pallet movements in warehouses, factories and sales areas. It is characterized by a completely new design and includes five models with loading capacities between 1.4 and 2.5 tonnes. The BT Levio range has been developed according to the Toyota Production System (TPS), which ensures constant production quality and reliability.

The BT Levio range of pallet trucks has been designed to be easy to use. As a result, productivity and safety are optimized. The keywords in the BT Levio range are simplicity, safety and longevity - providing electric pallet truck operators with exactly what they need to do their job. This concept is called 'man power'.

The BT Levio range is really designed for "accompanying" applications. The chassis is compact, meaning that operators spend less time maneuvering in narrow areas. The position and length of the drawbar improve the overall visibility and safety of the operator.

The tips of the forks are visible from the normal operating position, which means that the truck can be driven with confidence even by less experienced drivers. The BT Powerdrive system ensures responsive, step-by-step responses to operator instructions. The ergonomic handle is easy and pleasant to use, as the forks can be raised / lowered with fingertips and the front and rear controls.

The acceleration, top speed and braking characteristics can be configured to suit each operator. With PIN start, the truck recognizes the operator and directly applies the preconfigured parameters for maximum safety. The BT Levio range features a "turtle" button that temporarily reduces the speed and the "Click-2-Creep" function that allows the trolley to be maneuvered with the vertical handle - ideal in confined and congested areas.

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