BT France launches two new low-order order pickers: Opus OSE 180X and Opus OSE 180XP from Toyota

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BT France launches two new low-order order pickers: Opus OSE 180X and Opus OSE 180XP from Toyota
Saturday, March 29, 2008Description :
These trolleys are designed for the preparation of ground and first level controls in very intensive applications.

These two order pickers are specifically developed for logistics platforms where people and machines are subjected to an intensive cadence. The ergonomics of the device is therefore at the heart of its design. Drivers are very comfortable to use. The lifting of the forks (up to 800 mm) allows to adjust their height according to the work and reduces the musculoskeletal disorders related to the preparation of orders.

The E-Man, an innovative steering system, provides a logical and easy-to-use man / machine interface that significantly improves safety and productivity during picking. The operators very quickly master the operation of the aircraft due to the very convenient positioning of the controls. In addition, the E-man mini-drawbar can be operated with one hand and can be moved right or left depending on the needs of the operator or the application. When the operator moves from one picking station to another, he may, for example, walk beside the machine. The E-man also improves visibility when maneuvering in reverse.

The order pickers Opus OSE 180X and OSE 180XP are equipped with automatic reduction of the speed in turns as standard. The risk of accidents is reduced. Likewise, thanks to the power steering, the operator's arms always remain in the carriage gauge, further increasing the safety of use.

Productivity is no exception. The speed and acceleration are excellent; The trucks reach 7 km / h with their nominal load and 12 km / h without load, which reduces the time required to prepare orders between picking stations.


With a maximum fork length of 2,850 mm, up to 4 rolls or two Euro pallets can be transported simultaneously. In addition, the narrow chassis of Opus OSE180X and OSE180XP facilitates maneuvering in narrow aisles.

These order pickers are also robust and safe machines. Thanks to regenerative braking and CAN-bus technology, their availability is maximum, maintenance is easy and fast, parts wear out less quickly.

Their carrying capacity is 1,800 kg. Both models are equipped with the same equipment, the Opus OSE180XP also has a lifting platform for picking at the first level. The Opus OSE180X and OSE180XP are part of the LT low-level order picker range with a load capacity that ranges.

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