BT launches BT Staxio range from Toyota

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BT launches BT Staxio range from Toyota
Monday, August 18, 2008Description :
A brand new range of electric guided stackers designed to meet the needs of end users.

Designed for storage in warehouses, the transport of pallets (loading / unloading and handling of one or two pallets simultaneously), factories and sales areas, BT Staxio's range of stacker electric stackers is characterized by a design New and includes eight models with capacities between 0.8 and 1.4 tons and a maximum lift of 4.8 meters.

The BT Staxio range is designed for "companionless" applications, but all models, except the SWE080L mast beam, are available with an optional platform for intensive operations.

The chassis of all models in the BT Staxio range is very compact, which means that operators spend less time maneuvering in narrow areas. The BT Powerdrive system ensures responsive and progressive responses to user instructions.

The ergonomic handle is easy and pleasant to use, thanks to fingertip controls (up / down buttons, single front and rear control). The five-point chassis of the BT Staxio range, with its central tiller, improves stability on ramps and makes all operations easy, including maneuvers.

To improve safety and productivity, acceleration, top speed and braking characteristics can be configured to suit each operator. With PIN start, the truck recognizes the operator and directly applies the preconfigured parameters for maximum safety.

The BT Staxio range of electric stackers is equipped with a "turtle" button that temporarily reduces the speed and a "Click-2-Creep" function, which allows the trolley to be maneuvered with the vertical handle - ideal in restricted areas And congested. To provide a perfect balance, the operator's feet are protected without impairing the handling of the trolley on the ramps.

To ensure superior production quality and reliability, the Toyota Production System (TPS) applies the "continuous improvement" (kaizen) method to the entire production process: product development, after-sales service, To production and delivery.

In line with this philosophy, the Staxio BT stacker range has been designed with AC motors, which have fewer wear parts than their DC equivalents, and increase the machine's operating time. Most of the carriage rings are made of composite material without the need for lubrication, which improves their service life. Thanks to its robust structure, the BT Staxio range requires only one annual maintenance during single-user operation.

The BT Staxio range offers a range of options that adapt to all types of applications and therefore to the specific needs of the customer.

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