BT renews its range of compact tow trucks from Toyota

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BT renews its range of compact tow trucks from Toyota
Wednesday, May 21, 2008Description :
BT launches a new version of its compact reflex mast trucks Reflex M that further increases machine comfort and warehouse productivity.

The Reflex M retractable mat series has a narrow chassis (width of 1120 mm) that facilitates operations in narrow aisles inaccessible to larger trucks. It is particularly suitable for small and medium-sized warehouses and applications of moderate intensity.

For example, sectors such as retail or wholesale, small industries or transporters are typically concerned with this equipment. With the Reflex M series, BT offers high performance machines. They combine ergonomics, state-of-the-art equipment and safety, but also offer enhanced productivity.

The new version of the Reflex M retractable matting trolley has been totally redesigned and is equipped with the latest ergonomic innovations. It also takes advantage of the same equipment as the Reflex B / E range of intensive applications: dashboard, intuitive control console, minivolant, battery wall insulation, protective roof.

Moreover, many elements of the cab are adjustable and adapt to the morphology of the driver. The height, angle and distance of the dashboard as well as the seat and pedals are adjustable. The operator works in a comfortable environment and thus focuses more on his task.

PIN-based booting enhances the safety of the Reflex M, as only authorized drivers can drive the truck. In addition, when the operator enters his PIN code, he simultaneously triggers the programming of the machine. The flexibility of direction, the maximum speed, the acceleration rate, the automatic parking brake are indeed preset according to his experience.

Reliability is not forgotten. Reflex M shrink wagons share many components with other models of the Reflex family. The robustness of the trolley is ensured by a technology that has been well proven and has achieved a machine availability of more than 99%.

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