Dalmec Manipulator for sheet metal plates

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Dalmec Manipulator for sheet metal plates
Wednesday, July 2, 2014Description :
This DALMEC ergonomic manipulator is equipped with a gripping tool suitable for magnets or suction cups, making it possible to maneuver effortlessly sheet metal plates up to 500 kg

Depending on the mass of plates to be maneuvered, this manipulator may be equipped with a gripping tool provided with adjustable magnet or suction cup systems to assist the operator completely during lifting and handling
Sheet metal panels. The tool is designed to lift and move the sheet metal plates and incorporates all the ergonomic constraints of the workstation.

All the movements required in space are free, and obtained by simple direct action of the operator on the load or on the tool, thus conferring gestures precision and rapidity. The load of the sheet metal plates is then maneuvered, pneumatically turned to be positioned towards its storage location. The manipulation operation is very fast and without any physical constraint for the operator.

A pneumatic apparatus adapted to the system makes it perfectly possible to handle and handle weight sheets in a state of zero gravity with a manipulation carried out in total safety and without any effort. The balancing of the load is achieved by the action of a pneumatic air cylinder on a lever system. The actuator amplifies the up and down action which is applied manually by the operator to the gripping tool or directly to the load.

To facilitate its movement by optimizing the various stages of production, this sheet metal manipulator benefits from several solutions of adapted configurations: either on a column fixed to the ground, or on an autostable base movable by forklift or pallet truck or in fixed air mode In mobile air mode.

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