Dalmec's new self-balanced mobile aerial manipulator

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Dalmec's new self-balanced mobile aerial manipulator
Thursday, May 29, 2008Description :
These new dual cable self-balancing manipulators are designed specifically for handling light loads ranging from 5 to 220 kg.

These equipment are available in a suspended version, either by moving along a rolling track or, in a rolling beam, thus covering a large working area.

MINIPARTNER MP pneumatic manipulators are designed to lift loads ranging from 5kg to 220kg. Two models of manipulator are available, one with the "MINIPARTNER MPS" type displaying loads from 5kg to 80kg and the other with the "MINIPARTNER MP PLUS" type with loads up to 220kg.

Each manipulator is equipped with customized gripping tools, perfectly adapted to MiniPartner and are connected by two independent steel cables to ensure maximum safety for the operator. These manipulators are characterized in particular by their great maneuverability and flexibility of use related to their reduced size. They are the ideal instruments for the handling of light or moderately heavy loads in the absence of effort and at all points of the work volume.

Throughout its product range of industrial manipulators, Dalmec offers various configurations depending on the constraints of the working environment and the area to be covered: on a column fixed to the ground or on a column mounted on a self-supporting base; Either fixed or mounted on a mobile carriage in the raceway.

Particular care is also taken by Dalmec regarding the choice of components that are used in the manufacture of its manipulators. Selected from internationally renowned brands, they are subject to rigorous testing to ensure their efficiency, reliability and safety over time.

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