Datalogic Scanning Introduces Industry-Leading Handheld Scanners

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Datalogic Scanning Introduces Industry-Leading Handheld Scanners
Wednesday, November 5, 2008Description :
The new Linear Imager PowerScan® PD7100 hardened manual readers are the ideal solution for users who wish to equip themselves with an aggressive, hardened and robust hand reader

Offering the best performance on the market, PowerScan PD7100 drives are ideal for industrial applications requiring intuitive reading, whether on contact or at a greater distance.

The Imager PowerScan PD7100 hardened scanner has been specially designed for the manufacturing, warehouse and transport / logistics industries, where it is ideal for production tracking, forklift reading, warehousing, shipping and Receipts, and cashing out store when the drive is used in harsh conditions, such as in DIY stores and Cash & Carry. The postal sector is also a strong sector for which the PowerScan PD7100 Linear Imager industrial scanner is ideal, as reading performance is a key factor in improving productivity.

Its unique and innovative optics allow the PowerScan PD71000 to deliver what no other scanner has been able to offer in a single drive:

• Reading speed of 390 scans per second, unprecedented on the market, delivering impressive reading performance in real-world conditions and the most damaged and hard to read codes.

• Instinctive reading - from contact to more than 3 meters - ensuring the best available reading distances.

• High depth of field for excellent reading performance on wide codes and 3 mils resolution codes, with ease at a standard distance.

• Datalogic's patented "Green Spot" technology for accurate and reliable read-out confirmations, facilitating operator work and improving the read speed of reading operations.

• No moving parts, making it the most robust player on the market and offering the best Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

• An industrial plastic shell with overmolding on all points of contact and falls, thus providing additional protection against shocks, and protecting your investment.

• Multi-interface architecture and cables common to other Datalogic Scanning industrial drives to protect your investment and reduce interface switching costs.

• Optional laser beam, ideal when a reading aid is required, either to gain accuracy and visibility.

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