Dematic Launches First Order Pickup System with Automated Voice Recognition Carriage

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Dematic Launches First Order Pickup System with Automated Voice Recognition Carriage
Thursday, March 20, 2008Description :
Designed to facilitate the work of the processors, the new DEMATIC system offers an intermediate solution of quality, halfway between manual operation and the "all mechanized".

The self-guided truck with voice recognition moves automatically thanks to a laser control system "oriented" by reflective strips in the warehouse, thus without cables on the ground. Connected to WCS DEMATIC, the operator / trolley receives real-time orders: the truck transports a pallet in preparation along the picking aisle and automatically stops at the exact "address" of the entry. The trolley forks rise automatically at man's height. The operator, equipped with a voice recognition system, verbally confirms the samplings he has just made to allow the trolley to reach the next programmed entry "address". When the operator has finished preparing his pallet, the AGV automatically goes to the palletizing station while another carriage joins the operator in the picking aisle for the next preparation.

The self-guided truck can also be used outside the picking aisles by automating operations such as entering a new pallet, moving to the next preparation aisle, preparing aisle At the filming station or until dispatch ...

Very easy to install and easily reconfigurable, this self-guided voice recognition system can be set up on a standard pallet truck via a few modifications.


• Reduced travel time by 50% in operator preparation aisles. As the carriage moves automatically to the pick-up addresses, it is easier to find the items in the order. Its up and down of the trolley are non-existent. A considerable time saving.

• The operator has free hands and eyes. He can simultaneously move, collect items from his order and communicate in real time. The speech recognition system allows production improvement of about 10% compared to "paper operation" and 20% on a radiofrequency system, with a preparation quality of up to 99.99%.

• Increased safety for operators, reduced damage to products and equipment. The self-guided trolley incorporates proximity sensors.

• Simple to use, a quick training is enough.

The self-guided truck with voice recognition DEMATIC allows the realization of preparations of manual commands intensive, to take a significant number of articles per meter. 380 cartons can be prepared per hour on average, compared to 200 with manual sampling and paper seizure, a 90% increase in activity!

For low intensity preparations, the operator can use a self-guided pallet truck loaded with two pallets (batch solution).

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