Dolphin® 9900, a device for data acquisition and wireless communication with GPS functions

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Dolphin® 9900, a device for data acquisition and wireless communication with GPS functions
Tuesday, September 16, 2008Description :
This Dolphin® 9900 terminal, launched by Honeywell, combines robustness, ergonomics and optimized design for mobile industrial applications.

This new terminal allows companies to benefit from more intuitiveness, reliability and higher productivity gains in the field. The Dolphin 9900 is an ergonomic and durable solution that combines the latest data collection, communication and geolocation technologies.

Equipped with voice and data capabilities, advanced GPS navigation and Advanced Adaptus® Imager technology for bar code reading and image acquisition, the Dolphin 9900 enables the company to stay in touch With its staff, supply chain and customers.

The Dolphin 9900 is Honeywell's first solution to enable customers to benefit from its product backward compatibility strategy.

This platform enables customers using the Dolphin 9500 to migrate to the next-generation Dolphin 9900 product, while leaving much of the existing infrastructure (accessories, batteries and peripherals) in place, resulting in significant potential savings .

In addition, the user's interaction with the Dolphin 9900 is virtually identical to that of its predecessor. This reduces or eliminates the need for user training, while facilitating the migration of software applications to the new drive.

The Dolphin 9900 is an industrial grade product and is extremely reliable due to its robust housing and advanced power management technology that ensures uninterrupted operation in intensive environments. Among its specifications it should be noted that it conforms to the IP64 standard and that it resists falls of a height of 1.5 meters on concrete and to more than 2,000 falls from a height of 1 meter .

The computer architecture of the Dolphin 9900 is based on Microsoft Windows Mobile 6 and an Intel® PXA 270 processor at 624 MHz, 256 MB RAM, and 1 GB of flash memory, providing outstanding performance in data collection applications. Intensive data.

An 802.11b / g Wi-Fi network connection provides real-time access to critical information and supports advanced wireless security standards. The Dolphin 9900 is Cisco CCX v4 certified and offers multimode wireless connectivity (GSM / GPRS, WLAN and Bluetooth).

"Windows Mobile enables companies to mobilize their employees and equip them with the applications required to maximize their productivity in the field," said Scott Horn, managing director of Microsoft Corp.'s Mobile Communications Business entity.

"The Dolphin 9900 is an excellent example of a mobile computer that leverages our software to provide users of industrial mobile applications with powerful features that improve customer service. "

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