Enerpac® DLS lifting system for lifting bulldozers

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Enerpac® DLS lifting system for lifting bulldozers
Friday, July 27, 2012Description :
Enerpac announces the launch of the bulldozer lifting system of the DLS series, which allows the maintenance and repair of bulldozers of almost 114 tonnes, while the latter are used in various applications such as construction or operation Mining industry.

Specially designed for CAT D11 and D10 bulldozers, this lifting system is ideal for track and side chassis maintenance and requires only one operator.

The bulldozer lifting system is in the form of a four-point customized synchronous lifting system for safe load control with two separate lifting modules that can be easily placed at the opposite ends of a bulldozer.

Each lifting module includes two hydraulic cylinders equipped with motorized locking rings for safe operation. The cylinders are bolted to a trolley equipped with fork and retractable wheels to allow easy and precise positioning of the modules.

The front and rear lifting cylinders are driven by a pump-engine unit (HPU) and controls that include a 7.5 m long tie rod, providing the operator with the necessary safety and mobility during lifting. All controls and HPU are integrated in a rolling cabinet that includes cable reels and hoses.

Controls include PLC and software to monitor and control up to four lifting points simultaneously. In addition, they have a user-friendly color touch screen installed inside the rack enabling the operator to remotely monitor key lifting information including load and lifting height. A single hydraulic module can operate up to six lifting modules.

Lifting and lowering of the cylinders can be interrupted at any time. In addition, the system automatically secures the load by a mechanical device until the operator is ready to resume lifting or lowering the bulldozer.

An integrated alarm system stops synchronous lifting in the event of a malfunction. The lifting speed is close to 4.5 cm / min, allowing users to quickly lift and reduce downtime. This regular and controlled lifting allows easy access, while minimizing the effort of the operator.

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