Engine idle cut-off system IMPCO IIL


Engine idle cut-off system IMPCO IIL
Description :

The IMPCO Idle Limiter (IIL) timed motor shutdown system has been developed for fork-lift trucks and automatically cuts the truck after a pre-determined period.

The microprocessor-based control system is designed to save you money Expenses.It is also a very important health and safety device as it will automatically cut the trolleys that have been left running without presence. The IIL achieves this by cutting the truck after a pre-selected period if the seat is unoccupied or if the truck has exceeded the selected idle time.

Features :

Improve site safety.

Save on fuel expenses.

Protect against wear

On the overload relay for excessive idle IIL you can set two parameters, the seat switch if the truck is equipped with it and or an RPM signal that can be found On the negative side of the ignition coil in the case of a LPG carriage and on the "W" terminal in the case of a diesel engine. The system can operate with both options enabled or one of two.

When both inputs are activated the first one occurs which triggers the timer.

The time before cutoff is adjustable and can be set between 30 seconds and 5 minutes with Steps of a minute.

There is a 12 and 24V model and both versions are supplied as a professional kit with complete installation instruction and all necessary to install the system.

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