Eurosystem Alu: the lightweight solution for moving heavy loads from Verlinde

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Eurosystem Alu: the lightweight solution for moving heavy loads from Verlinde
Wednesday, February 13, 2008Description :
VERLINDE now offers modular aluminum structures for the realization of customized handling systems for loads of 500 to 2000 Kg.

Complete ranges of profiles, trolleys and fixings allow the realization of several thousand solutions from standard elements. Easy and quick to assemble, EUROSYSTEM ALU handling systems are 50% lighter than their steel profile counterparts, whether they are single rail, single-beam or double-beam bridges.

EUROSYSTEM ALU stands out for its ease of assembly. The lightness of the hollow aluminum profiles makes it easy to position and handle the assembly. They can all be moved and positioned manually without any specific lifting equipment.

The attachment of the elements together, as well as the attachment of the system to the supporting structure, are achieved by simple bolting and do not require any special tooling. The outer grooves of the profiles are then compatible with the ITEM standard fastening system. The profiles are finally manufactured by extrusion which gives them great geometrical homogeneity and assembly without mechanical effort of adjustment.

Thanks to EUROSYSTEM ALU from VERLINDE, the weight of the handling system with hollow aluminum profile is reduced by 50% compared to a traditional steel structure. In the case of new buildings, rehabilitation or extensions, a considerable saving is thus carried out on the support structure, which can be dimensioned as much as possible according to this equipment.

In order to ensure smooth and effortless movement, the wheels of the trolleys are made of nylon and the contact surface with the inner part of the section has been reduced. For the operator, in comparison with steel rails, when manually moving loads the rolling coefficient of the carriage rollers is greatly reduced. EUROSYSTEM ALU reduces the effort required during all stages of moving a load (start, position, stop) and thus contributes to improve the ergonomics of the workstations.

Closure plates for the ends make it possible to avoid twisting of the profile, to keep the carriages in the raceway at the end of the track and to preserve the profiles against dust. A complete range of suspensions is proposed to fix the whole system of handling on the bearing structure: vertical, oblique, fixed, extended, ...

A wide range of self-propelled trolleys are also available: manual trolleys, standard, bogie, articulated bogie, motorized type UKTM AL. A manual trolley can also be motorized later. Lifting is ensured by EUROCHAIN ??hoists, offering a wide range of capacities and speeds.

Several options are available, curved rails for circuit making, power supply integrated on AL2000, transfer systems, turntables and switches, motorized steering trolleys.

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