Fenwick-Linde engages in lithium-ion technology

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Fenwick-Linde engages in lithium-ion technology
Tuesday, April 28, 2015Description :
Fenwick-Linde is investing in lithium-ion technology for trucks that are always "ready" for seamless logistics.
As part of its alternative energy development strategy, like NGV and fuel cells, FenwickLinde, the French leader in handling, is launching a new range of electric pallet trucks (1,6 t and 1,8 T) equipped with lithium-ion battery.

Developed in partnership with Saft a market specialist, the technology multiplies the assets: available energy, double lifetime, reduction of energy consumption, limited environmental impact, security of the operator assured. Pedestrian pallet trucks are used in many sectors of activity for short and medium distances, often intensively during loading / unloading of logistical docks, or in trucks for deliveries of shops.

By offering pallet trucks equipped with lithium-ion batteries, Fenwick meets the needs of its customers to have trucks permanently available. "Lithium-ion power offers undeniable advantages, greatly impacting the performance of our pallet trucks as they work longer, consume less energy, lower operating costs and reduce the risk to the operator who Has more to change battery. But the success of using lithium-ion batteries lies mainly in the change in work habits of operators: "I do not stop to recharge, I recharge when I stop". It is therefore the logic of logistics that is boosted. "Laurent HANSER, store manager. Durable performance over time The life of the lithium-ion battery is doubled compared to the open lead: 2500 guaranteed cycles! In addition, at the end the battery retains 75% of its nominal capacity. In addition, they can be discharged daily up to 90% without degrading.

It is therefore a long-term investment that generates an excellent quality / price ratio! More productivity thanks to a very short charging time and a simplified process In 1h30, the operator can fully recharge his lithium-ion battery instead of 8 hours with a traditional lead-acid battery. The lithium-ion technology allows partial refills, using break times or meal times. In 30 min a battery discharged to 90% finds almost 60% of its autonomy. Charging the lithium-ion battery requires no special equipment, just plug it into a charger! "In intensive use, with open batteries, drivers have to change batteries during the cycle, which means the acquisition of two batteries per trolley and the time spent in handling them, during the working cycle "Laurent Hanser.
A Gain Hygiene Safety Environment

Hygiene and Safety: no risk of burns, fingerprints when changing batteries. Gone are the charging rooms dedicated to charging open lead batteries, equipped with acid retention tanks and an extraction / ventilation system to evacuate gas emissions. Environment: no emission of hydrogen gas and optimization of the energy used: in a 85 Ah lithium-ion battery that is discharged at 91%, we have as much energy as in an open lead battery of 125 Ah (Therefore more greedy) discharged at 60%. "The benefits of lithium-ion batteries are promising because they deliver significant productivity gains and have a positive influence on hygiene, safety and the environment. Our teams are there to support users in making the most of the benefits of this energy. "Laurent Hanser.

A partnership to adapt lithium-ion technology to the specificities of Fenwick trucks and handling

Fenwick-Linde co-develops this technology in partnership with Saft, a world leader in high-tech batteries and specialist in lithium, enabling it to master the safety elements: adapting soft (electronic regulation) and trolley to lithium-ion stresses In order to avoid overheating, use of the existing boxes on the trolleys to integrate the battery and the electronic regulation. "We chose to operate in partnership with a specialist renowned for its lithium-ion expertise rather than offering standard equipment in order to control the quality chain on the trolley + energy system." Christian Sauzin, Marketing Director .

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