Finished the racking shop, places on stackable chassis KASTO

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Finished the racking shop, places on stackable chassis KASTO
Saturday, March 15, 2008Description :
The system of stackable chassis: a solution at a favorable price and which allows up to 70% saving in time thanks to the multiple transport.

Ground storage on ranchers is very widespread in the trading of conventional steel. The disadvantage of this method: the transtubage, inevitable and which takes a long time, to access the material.

Should we think of automation in this case, which does not mean opting immediately for an automated store?

A system of stackable chassis is, for starters, a solution at an advantageous price and ample enough. The material is in stackable frames. Trans-shipment can be manual or automatic. And it is possible to achieve up to 70% savings in time thanks to multiple transport.

KASTO's robust UNIBLOC system is suitable for heavy, flat or bulky materials from 3 to 24 m in length. Stacking in height saves floor space. It guarantees a fast access to the material and avoids damaging it, which is not the case in storage with ranchers due to frequent transtockage.

The UNIBLOC system from KASTO is available in a single storage version. A standard manually operated traveling crane and a transom, and you already have efficient storage at an affordable price! In the automatic version, the crane and the crossbar are organized as in a store with spokes in height. Integration into a PPS system is also possible.

Long loads, profiles, tubes, coils as well as plates and plates can be stored there.

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