Fire Stop - Automatic fire extinguishing system


Fire Stop - Automatic fire extinguishing system
Description :

IMPCO Fire Stop is a reliable automatic fire extinguishing system that helps prevent damage to high-value gear with thermal or electric motors such as forklift trucks, airport tractors, TP machines and generators.

With increasingly stringent requirements Insurance companies, the need to quickly extinguish a fire at the source has become necessary.

The Fire Stop system works with Du-Pont tm FE-36 tm extinguishing gas.

Very efficient, reliable and environmentally friendly, this system is mainly used in the wood, paper and chemical industries.

The FIRST STOP allows easy installation even in the smallest areas of the engine compartment.

The system is very efficient because it does not depend on an external power source, even in the event of a power failure, the system will remain active.


Easy installation.

Do danger to people and the environment (CO2 neutral and Ozone-free ).

Turns off the fire at the source.

No residue and no corrosion after extinguishing.

Electrically non-conductive.

Dashboard-mounted pressure indicator.

No power supply required.

No unwanted activation risk.

Low maintenance cost.

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