Fleet Management and Access Control System


Wednesday, April 3, 2019Description :

Our OptaFleet solution is for you! Based on a 24/7 web-based interface and any post, smartphone or tablet connected to the internet, our Fleet management solutions helps to know, minute by minute, the commitment of the different vehicles in your fleet, while being alerted instantly shocks they may have had or emergency cases.

You are thus able to optimize your fleet while secure your maintenance budget and break.

In addition, with the new Check List control screen, you can be immediately informed of hardware failures and the status of your Vehicles.

The OptaFleet fleet management system is a GPS / GPRS box installed in the vehicles of your fleet by Technicians.

This box, communicates its information (data such as that: horameter, use - start, Startup, duration - dating and Values ??of shocks, ....) in real time with our secure servers. You can access these precise summaries and can view and process all this information In a simple and user-friendly way via the website and its reports

To adapt to all budgets, we have created several versions of OptaFleet which are in fact a modularity depending on the equipment chosen, and your needs.

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