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Flexlink Youtilize® Production Software
Saturday, July 5, 2014Description :
Youtilize® is the latest FlexLink tool developed to ensure higher production system performance. It is a software that offers complete control of production processes and promotes efforts to improve the plant.

The Youtilize® suite is available in three versions: Service Monitoring (SM), Production Monitoring (PM) and Factory Control (FC). Thanks to its modular, standardized design, the system is scalable and adaptable to your needs, even if they change over time.

Service Monitoring

With Youtilize® Service Monitoring, factory production and maintenance personnel have direct access to information on the availability, speed, running time and energy consumption of conveyor systems. It is then possible, through statistics, to establish an accurate preventive maintenance plan to reduce unplanned outages and improve actual performance.

Production Monitoring

The measured production rate and the data collected on machines and equipment make it possible to calculate the efficiency of the line in real time. Production data such as Total Equipment Performance (TRS), average cycle times, usage and performance are shown. It is also possible to create and send reports automatically. Youtilize® Production Monitoring is the ideal tool for production management teams and continuous improvement activities, such as identifying and eliminating bottlenecks or increasing production capacity.

Factory Control

Youtilize® Factory Control has an MES functionality that offers total process control and an undocumented workshop. Factory Control is mainly composed of traceability and product routing functions, with supports such as buckets and pallets. The system exchanges process data with the machine and communicates the instructions to the operators according to the specifications. Youtilize® Factory Control functions as an interface and communicates with the most common industrial systems.

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