Hörmann at Intralogistics Europe 2014: a strong and innovative partner for logistics professionals

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Hörmann at Intralogistics Europe 2014: a strong and innovative partner for logistics professionals
Monday, March 31, 2014Description :
Hörmann, the European leader in industrial doors, dock equipment, doorbuilders, door frames, motorcars and doors for residential and commercial buildings, will exhibit at Intralogistics Europe 2014 in Paris Nord Villepinte from 1 to 4 April 2014, an anthology of Innovative solutions for industry and distribution professionals (Stand G73).

Through its constantly renewed commitment to quality, safety and longevity of equipment, Hörmann intends to bring its expertise and innovative force to this major event of handling. A true reference on the international market, the company will unveil its in-depth knowledge of the requirements of professional markets through a range of innovative products and complete solutions.

Intralogistics Europe 2014, a concentration of innovations in the service of industry and distribution

Oriented towards professional needs, Intralogistics Europe brings together all equipment and handling systems that process and streamline supply, production and distribution flows. With more than 150 exhibitors in France and abroad and 40,000 participants (estimated in December 2013), the 10,000 m2 of exhibition space is preparing to receive the latest innovations in handling (storage, lifting, trolleys, packaging) and automated systems. On the occasion of its second edition, this innovative event highlights the optimization of processes and costs, security and sustainable development.

The exhibition Intralogistics takes place in full synergy with the SITL Europe 2014 - International Logistics Transport Week - event, allowing participants to navigate from one to another easily. This second event brings together all the innovative products and services dedicated to the supply, distribution and supply chain of tomorrow.

An offer of adapted and high performance doors

Hörmann is the European leader by signing a series of innovative, high performance doors adapted to the demands of industry and distribution.

• The sectional door SPU 67 mm: for optimal thermal insulation!

Equipped with a ThermoFrame frame that optimizes the thermal insulation of the entire door by reducing heat loss, the sectional door SPU 67 mm represents a real innovation. Its thickness of 67 mm (apron injected with foam), reinforced by seals placed on the sides and in the upper part, ensures a thermal bridge break between frame and masonry. Thus, while meeting the requirements of EN 13241-1 (performance and safety), the SPU 67 door can improve the insulation coefficient up to 0.5W / (m2.k).

• The V 9015 L Stacking door: safety and resistance for large openings ...

The fast stacking door V 9015 L Stacking represents an extremely durable internal and external solution for large bays. It offers a closing / opening speed of 0.8 m / s. The modular stacking apron (sections are interchangeable) with belt system is equipped with profiles allowing a high resistance to the wind. High-quality aluminum profiles are placed every 600 mm vertically over the entire height of the door and up to 3 transparent strips can be integrated into the deck over its entire width. The motorization technology is mounted in a totally secure way in the cover of this innovative door. Safety is also reinforced by an immaterial barrier (thus avoiding any contact). Optional, this door can operate with soft start and stop.

• HS 7030PU spiral wound fast door: fast, safe and insulated for professionals

Offering a high opening speed (2.5 m / s), this rigid door adapts completely to the daily professional constraints. With a 42 mm double-wall steel apron injected with CFC-free PU foam (chlorofluorocarbon), it combines with its rapidity of opening a remarkable thermal insulation, which translates into an insulation coefficient of 1.95 W / m2 .k).

The HS 7030PU high speed roller shutter is also a safety asset. A standard photoelectric barrier with shut-off automation integrated in the frame ensures optimum safety, reinforced by a parachute device located in the engine. The sections wind up safely and without any contact in the spiral bracket. The HS 7030PU combines all these qualities with an elegant and durable design: the exclusive micrograin surface of the HS 7030PU carries the aesthetics of this opening and the apron can also be equipped with transparent double glazing strips DURATEC (26 mm) offering high scratch resistance (triple glazing optional), as well as possibilities to integrate ventilation grilles. The HS 7030PU can be mounted indoors and outdoors.

An innovative docking aid system: the Dock Control system

The Dock Control system is a clever docking and position monitoring device for professionals. It ensures the safety of the loading station thanks to a polyurethane HIB bumper with inductive detector signaling the approach of the truck, coupled with traffic lights. A wheel chock with presence cell materializing the location of the vehicle and a horn in case of untimely movement allow it to manage and regulate the loading operation. The system analyzes the incoming information by means of the sensors (on the block and the buffer) and then controls the signal and / or blocking functions. This innovation ensures maximum safety of the operation by reacting to the slightest movement: involuntary departure of the truck or removal of the wheel chock. An efficient system for the serenity and safety of professionals ...

The range of competent after-sales services

Hörmann's presence at the Intralogistics Europe 2014 exhibition will be a new opportunity to discover or rediscover the range of services and facilities available to professionals in order to guarantee the availability of their equipment and thus ensure the continuity of their activity . Hörmann, through its own maintenance department and its eight branches covering Hexagon, optimally handles every request, enabling professionals to access benefits in terms of equipment review, maintenance, Troubleshooting, repair and even training. Extensive service offerings to support professionals in the daily use of systems and products acquired.

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