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Stacking concrete blocks with a Hyster® H8XM-6 – A driver’s perspective. Glendinning is the largest independent supplier of quarry and concrete products both to the trade and direct to the end user in Devon and Cornwall in the South West of England. The company’s main hub in Ashburton, Devon, includes its primary quarry operation and a concrete block production line. It recently purchased a Hyster® H8XM-6 specially equipped with a double block clamp to remove blocks from the production line, transport them to the yard and stack them up to five high. More than 100,000 concrete blocks are distributed each week from the site. In a year, Glendinning can produce and distribute up to 7.5 million building blocks to customers. The majority are shifted with just two lift truck drivers with two principal forklifts. Working long shifts, which could be up to 11 hours a day, Glendinning recognised that to ensure maximum productivity in the fast-paced operation, it was essential for lift truck drivers to have an optimum lift truck operating environment.

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