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Intelligent engineering by Hyster® White noise alarm – Allows the listener to instantly locate where and what direction the sound is coming while creating a sound which is gentle on the ear and dissipates quickly, meaning the alarm can only be heard in the danger zone. Work lights with integral grill protection – Hazard lights, tail lights and front head lights activated by key switch. – Rear work light activated when reversing. – Integral protection minimizes damage to work lights. – Mast lights help to illuminate the load area to aid the driver in dark environments. Cab door traction interlock – The engine will not start without the cab doors being closed, enforcing proper practice. Overload system – The industrial weighing system gives the driver confidence when lifting unknown loads. – The system uses an array of sensors to measure both the mass and load centre of a load. – Using this data, the system is able to display the truck stability. – Provides both audible and visually information to the operator on the actual load weight being lifted, and the machine stability. – Sensitive to both load centre point on forks and the angle of the mast. – Information to operator: – When the back light is GREEN, both weight and load centre within rated capacity of the machine. – When the back light turns RED and the audible warning alarm is sounding, but the LEDs are GREEN, the load being lifted is beyond the rated capacity of the machine. – When the back light turns RED and the audible warning is sounding, and the LEDs are also RED, the load centre is too far forward, and the machine is in danger of tipping.

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