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Thursday, April 19, 2018Description :
Intelligent engineering by Hyster® Automatic indoor speed reduction It is now possible to switch between a programmable high and low speed automatically by utilizing RADAR sensing to detect ceiling heights up to 15M, when entering a building. – Roof detection allows the speed of the truck to be limited when entering a building. – Using Radar, the system detects when the truck is underneath a ceiling. – When a ceiling is detected, the truck is limited to a pre-selected speed. Reverse object detection system – The rearward sensors only become active when reverse direction is selected – From a stationary position, if an object is detected then the truck will be prevented from moving backwards. The truck can still move forwards in this condition. – To move backwards, the driver must override the system using a button to ?acknowledge’ the object on the rear drive handle. – When driving in reverse, the rear sensors detect objects at adjustable distances from the truck, with increasing audible and visual alarms for the 3 zones of detection (Green/Amber/Red on visual display). – Reverse speed is limited upon detection of an object. This is adjustable, but our recommendation is that the speed reduces by more than 50% which will provide a 3rd ?physical’ warning to the driver that he is approaching an object. – When the machine detects an object or person in the last zone the display will indicate a solid red warning, and a continuous tone will be heard from the display, the machine will automatically start to brake and the speed will be reduced to a predetermined cut back speed (4Kph), at no time will the truck physical stop.

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