Hyster Warehouse Equipment - Masate Manufacturing Plant Assembly & Testing

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Monday, May 29, 2017Description :
Manufactured in #Masate, Italy, #Hyster warehouse equipment is characterised by the strength and durability already associated across the world with the Hyster brand name. Hyster offers a comprehensive range of warehouse equipment, intelligently designed to meet the needs of the most intense warehousing and manufacturing operations. Tough on the outside and intelligent inside, these trucks for warehousing applications combine durable, well-protected components with comfortable operator spaces and precise controls. Hyster also offers a variety of options and adjustable settings, enabling equipment performance to be tailored to the needs of the operation and the preferences of operators. Hyster warehouse trucks deliver maximum #dependability and efficiency for busy warehouse operations, everywhere. http://www.hyster.com/emea/en-gb/press/press-releases/24-hours-in-the-warehouse-with-hyster/

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