Hyundai Announces New Series of AC Battery-Powered Forklifts

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Hyundai Announces New Series of AC Battery-Powered Forklifts
Thursday, July 3, 2008Description :
These lifting trucks with a lifting capacity of 1.5 to 5 t provide higher performance, reduced maintenance times and lower power consumption.

At CeMAT, Hyundai introduced its new full line of forklift trucks powered by AC (alternating current) batteries. These new forklifts bring a new dimension to the ever-expanding Hyundai product line.

The series consists of ten models, with lifting capacities between 1.5 t and 5.0 t. These battery forklifts are designed primarily for demanding internal applications where low emissions are critical.

For this reason, the capacity of the batteries has been designed to allow a complete shift with a single load, thus allowing the operator to use the full potential of his forklift.

Robustness, simplicity and useful high-tech applications are the prerogative of the new Hyundai forklift trucks. ZAPI electronic control systems are one of the high-tech applications used.

These 8 kHz efficient and virtually silent controllers allow for quiet and even use, provide protection against high and low voltages and overheating and alert the operator in the event of failure.

This control system provides three performance modes: "High" for particularly heavy loads, "Normal" for standard use and "Economical" for low-energy operation.

A "Turtle" mode is also available for extremely slow operations. ZAPI controllers offer an anti-rollback system for safe operation and exceptional start-up abilities.

The operator can view important operational data on an LCD monitor. These include operator errors, system errors, battery charge status, speed (in meters or kilometers per hour), selected operating mode, self-diagnosis, and operator password for To prevent fraudulent use of the machine.

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