Imaje adds an IP65 option to its Imaje 7031 and Imaje 7031S laser encoders

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Imaje adds an IP65 option to its Imaje 7031 and Imaje 7031S laser encoders
Thursday, May 8, 2008Description :
An option especially for manufacturers looking for equipment completely protected from demanding production environments.

"Production stoppages are the main concern of our customers," said Stéphane Valette, Imaje Group's head of laser products. When a piece of equipment breaks down, the whole line is stopped. For sectors such as the dairy and beverage industries, the washing of production lines is a delicate operation. Before cleaning, operators are sometimes

Obliged to cover the printers with a protective plastic or move them out of the area to be cleaned. This IP65 option also meets the constraints of the agri-food sector, especially confectionery, where the accumulation of small particles can cause breakdowns and production stoppages. "

- The advantages of IP65 protection:

Even in the most damp and dusty environments, the Imaje 7031 IP65 and Imaje 7031S IP65 encoders remain the most reliable and reliable on the market. No matter what the production environment, they offer all the advantages of 3rd generation laser encoders: high-quality printing, contrasting codes, modular design, high marking capability and intuitive operator interface.

The IP65 option also offers several advantages:

- robustness, reducing the potential risks of line stops

- safety and cleanliness by allowing a regular jet wash

- natural integration on IP65 production lines.

- More safety and cleanliness

For sectors obliged to produce in highly protected environments (dairy products, beverages), the Imaje 7031 IP65 and Imaje 7031S IP65 encoders are able to withstand washes

Weekly. Unlike other laser encoders on the market, the lens is completely protected from splashes of liquid or dust during cleaning. This

Improve the overall cleanliness of the workshops and meet food safety standards.

- 100% protected equipment

Most of the equipment on dairy or bottling plant production lines is IP65: Imaje 7031 and Imaje 7031S IP65 optionally integrate easily

Constitute homogeneous and fully protected production lines.

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