IMPCO ITP transmission protection system


IMPCO ITP transmission protection system
Description :

The IMPCO transmission protection system (ITP) is designed for forklift trucks to protect the transmission and transmission line.

Provided for solenoid operated torque converter transmissions. The system has many features designed to protect the transmission and tires.

The system prevents operators from changing direction at high speed or with high engine rpm. It also prevents operators from using the truck as a bulldozer and prevents skidding. These features allow the transmission and transmission to be completely passive when a change of direction is selected, thus protecting the forklift against wheel slip and premature failure of the transmission.

Features :

Avoid change of forward travel in Rear too abrupt.

Save up to 300% on tire wear per year.

Total transmission protection system.

Putting an end to the sudden starts and skating of the tires.

To drive the operators safely.

Decrease the breakage.

The system can start in less than 12 months.

The ITP uses the last generation of microprocessor, it is also Very compact, it can easily be hidden.

There is a complete anti-sabotage and fault diagnosis integrated in the display on the instrument panel, a green light indicates when a change of direction is allowed.

Red LEDs are used to highlight a motor speed signal fault or a speed signal fault.

In addition to the display on the dashboard the ITP is also equipped with a horn.

In case of problems, the audible signal sounds to alert the driver.

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