IMPCO speed limiter for forklift truck


IMPCO speed limiter for forklift truck
Description :

IMPCO Technologies offers proven integrated speed limiting solutions dedicated to working in difficult industrial environments.

The IMPCO speed limiter is suitable for all types of industrial vehicles equipped with a mechanical or electronic acceleration system.

The system controls the maximum speed of the vehicle while allowing the operator to use the full engine power for functions other than driving, for example, lifting or sweeping.


For electronic cable and pedal acceleration

For motors Thermal or Electrical

No limit of motor power to guarantee hydraulic functions and drive torque

Possibility to program several speeds maximum conditional

Disponible in 12V and 24V

Easy and fast installation

Electromagnetic compatibility

Guarantees a flexible duct

Consider the sensitivity of the accelerator pedal

The dedicated industrial kits are available for a wide range of forklifts and airport tractors.

The maximum speed or speeds are programmed by PC to the requirements of our customers.

In case of multiple speeds the system can switch from one speed to another manually or automatically.

All IMPCO speed limiting kits are supplied as complete sets for a specific model of gear.

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