Indeva Manipulator for the handling of four different types of loading

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Indeva Manipulator for the handling of four different types of loading
Monday, August 27, 2012Description :
Only one INDEVA, assembled on column and with articulated arm and a single operator in a place to move four different kinds of loading: cans, boxes of cardboard, barrels and bags.

A firm had to improve productivity in the warehouse for the HANDLING of the four different containers already mentioned and was looking for a lifting system that allowed the operator to perform fast but accurate and ergonomic movements, A frequent and repetitive work cycle in the course of work bearings.

Only one type of MANUTENTION system has demonstrated to be in degree to meet these requirements: an INDEVA Liftronic model with a multifunctional socket tool.

Indeed, the INDEVA counterbalances the weight of the load seized continuously, without losing any space to the forces of inertia, and yet they never oblige the operator to apply more force to contrast these forces even at the first detachment of the load Of its support, or during the change of direction of the vertical HANDLING.

This characteristic is prerogative of the intelligent systems of MANUTENTION (known internationally as intelligent assist devices or Intelligent devices for handling) and distinguish them from the traditional pneumatic manipulators characterized by the specific limits of the pneumatic technology (forces of inertia, slow movements, Minor reactivity).

This INDEVA is equipped with ergonomic foldable shackles that do not require the operator to fold the back or lift the arms above the level of the shoulders.

The socket tool is adjustable for a simple and quick click and it is immediately ready to grab one of four different types of loading with one of its four gripping hands: windscreen chassis for cardboard boxes or hook For barrels.

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