Interroll normalizes conveyor drums

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Interroll normalizes conveyor drums
Tuesday, April 29, 2008Description :
Extension of the range of products for the transport of the retail goods with the drums of conveyors series 7000

The deflecting drums and the drive drums for belt conveyors are constructions made by the company and have not so far been offered as standard products such as conveyor rollers. Hence frequent problems such as inaccurate specifications for the product, missing parameters for the field of application or even disparities in quality.

Interroll has remedied this problem by presenting for the first time the conveyor drums as standard components on this information sheet. On the one hand, these new products complete our category motor drums; On the other hand, they are independent products intended for belt drives.

Aluminum return and drive drums are designed for intra-enterprise applications in retail freight transport, a field in which the 1100 and 1700 series of rollers have proved their worth. The range of products for belt conveyors is complemented by the standard 1450 roller set modified for belt conveyors and used here as stress rollers or insertion rollers in driving stations.

Interroll offers standard complete belt conveyor kits, consisting of the following components:

- Motor drums

- Training drums

- Release drums

- Rollers of constraint

- Support rollers

The conveyor drums are also provided with bearing housings, by means of which the drums can be fixed simply to the track profile or to the clamping devices.

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