Jungheinrich now completes its range of electric pallet trucks

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Jungheinrich now completes its range of electric pallet trucks
Friday, November 14, 2008Description :
This electric pallet truck ERE 225 with fixed platform or now foldable, is of a particularly economic efficiency whatever the application of the user.

The new electric pallet truck from Jungheinrich launched on the market in autumn 2008 is an electric pallet truck type ERE 225 with folding work platform. This solid trolley, equipped as standard with three-phase asynchronous technology, has been specially designed for fast and efficient loading / unloading of trucks and for transporting heavy loads over long distances. The ERE 225 electric pallet truck reaches a top speed of 12.5 km / h (9.5 km / h with load) and carries loads that can weigh up to 2500 kg. The folding work platform offers a great flexibility of use. When retracted, it reduces the space required for the maneuver, thus enabling the operator to work seamlessly in tight spaces.

The operator position of this pallet truck has been adapted to the needs of the operator and to the different applications. Spacious, with the possibility of maneuvering the tiller left and right, it offers the user a comfortable lateral or frontal standing position. The high back with integrated handles provides additional protection.

The shock-mounted platform is protected from vibration and shock by the patented "Schockprotect" system. The latter thus relieves the driver's back, and all technical components, such as the chassis, are also much less stressed.

The stabilizer rollers, which are suspended and damped by the ProTraclink system, guarantee the safe operation of the new ERE 225 in all situations and complement the tried and tested Jungheinrich Curve Control system.

The new electric pallet truck ERE 225 is equipped as standard with an electrical direction of the drawbar for precise and effortless maneuvering of the truck. The Curve Control, like progressive steering when the tiller is locked at only 70 ° for a 90 ° turn, guarantees a stable trajectory and safe turns. Thanks to its compactness (without tongue arm), the tiller's movements are transmitted quickly, safely.

In addition to the three-phase asynchronous technology, the Speed ??Control electronic control system guarantees safe and, above all, energy-saving travel. The preset translation speed is maintained in all situations, both up and down.

The ERE 225 automatically brakes when used in ramp or on a slope. The generator braking makes it possible to recover the energy at each deceleration.

The construction, designed to facilitate the maintenance of this new trolley, reduces the operating costs in the long term. The single-piece, screwless cover, such as the removable side cover, facilitates access to all components.

The high capacity of the 465 Ah batteries and the excellent energy efficiency offer a long service life of the ERE 225.

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