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Kabelschlepp conveyor systems
Wednesday, July 9, 2008Description :
Families of specific conveyors dedicated to the industry: Chip conveyors, Conveyor belts with hinges, Conveyor with scrapers, conveyors with plastic strips.

In most cases the Kabelschlepp offer allows the customer to find as standard the correct bandwidth, the correct capacity of the waste to be evacuated, as well as the ideal height and inclination of the conveyor assembly.

When the catalog offer is not perfectly adapted to the application, Kabelschlepp offers the precise study of the specifications with the client for a customized and ready-to-run development.

Main technical characteristics of standard conveyors:

- Tilting from 0 to 60 °

- Width of band from 150 to 900 mm

- Overall width from 225 to 1090 mm

- Not of the band from 40 to 150 mm

- Height of the cabinet from 140 to 540 mm

- Adjustable high torque drive motorcycle

Accessories available:

. Engine control system with control relay

. Overload safety system

. Container for collection of liquids with pump

. Fairing and protection of the drive belt

KABELSCHLEPP offers complete service even for difficult applications such as large widths or large inclinations. A single contact person, a single supplier, a single supplier from the project to the operational system and on request assembly on site of the assembly completely assembled!

This results in a significant reduction in cost, and more importantly a considerable time saving, with "just-in-time" delivery at the customer's site. Moreover, the quality of the components and the availability of spare parts ensured for years, give these conveying systems a very long service life.

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