Konecranes chain hoist CLX with chain hoist: precision, speed, user-friendliness and safety

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Konecranes chain hoist CLX with chain hoist: precision, speed, user-friendliness and safety
Sunday, March 22, 2015Description :
In its range of industrial overhead cranes, Konecranes is once again innovating with its new CLX crane, which, combined with a chain hoist, can be used for many operations thanks to tailor-made configurations and new functionalities. Demonstrating greater accuracy, speed and maneuverability, the crane is able to increase its productivity tenfold with loads of up to five tons. Equipped with a chain hoist, the new CLX crane is thus able to adapt to a majority of activities in the industrial sectors, workshops and production platforms.
Reliability, technology and precision are, on a daily basis, very important criteria in the operation of cranes. They determine decisively the speed and efficiency of routing procedures. With its CLX chain hoist, Konecranes has designed a solid, ergonomic, reliable and very versatile bridge that, depending on its configuration, can have a carrying capacity of up to 5 tons. This new crane is also equipped with many functions to simplify your work.
Product Overview
The new CLX crane with chain hoist offers superior safety and comfort in handling operations up to 5 tons, mainly thanks to its ergonomic pull that the operator can control intuitively with one hand. Its control variator for the trolley and for moving the crane, as well as its excellent transmission speed in the 6: 1 lifting operations, are all the more functional, enabling it to carry loads very quickly and To position them with great precision. The result: more handling operations for significantly higher productivity. The CLX crane with chain hoist is made from components that guarantee longer service life, simpler maintenance and better safety.
Among them is the new magnetic brake, the peculiarity of which is to be maintenance-free throughout its service life - a little more than a million lifting operations - and to ensure the safety of the load in case Wear at the coupling or possible breakdowns. Its mechanical safety clutch also protects it from overloads and guarantees safety, high here at its highest level.
Rewarded by the Red Dot Design Award and the German Design Award 2015 for its design, the CLX chain hoist promises to be as easy to use as it is safe. The aluminum chassis of the chain hoist gives it both more solidity and simplicity in its maintenance, thanks to an ingenious system of opening.
Very versatile
Versatile, the new CLX crane with chain hoist is an industrial bridge capable of integrating into the operations of most industries - including tailor-made applications, assembly work, workshops, and anywhere Where it is necessary to move delicate loads with great precision. This flexibility lies mainly in the fact that it is possible to adapt the lifting capacity, the height and the gripping speed, as well as the range, to a particular operation. Thanks to its compact silhouette, this crane is also ideal for small handling areas. With all these characteristics, the CLX crane with chain hoist also benefits from an IP55 class protection which allows it to evolve also in difficult conditions.

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