Laser marking Arex 50 by Datalogic

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Laser marking Arex 50 by Datalogic
Friday, June 20, 2014Description :
With a power range from 10W to 50W, this Pulsed Fiber Laser system has been designed for direct part marking (DPM) and engraving on metal parts and components.

The wide range of available power combined with an improved read head, a new rack design and advanced LIGHTER functions allow for high performance in terms of flexibility, reliability and ease of installation.

It is a new laser marking equipment that has been improved in both speed and productivity over a wide range of materials and processes.

Its main advantages:

    High Power Laser Source with Excellent Beam Quality & Zero Leakage: Engraving & Deep Engraving in Automotive and General Manufacturing Industries.

    Marking Faster and Better (Up to 3X faster compared to Arex 20), maintaining high marking quality: ideal for high-throughput production lines and processes requiring 24/7 operation.

    Suitable for a wide range of materials: Arex 50 provides excellent performance in terms of contrasts and speed. On thermoplastic polymer surfaces (eg PS, ABS PET and PBT). Which usually shows incompatible marking performance.

    Light black marking and highly resistant annealing without swelling or cracking at high productivity: high contrast on metal surfaces.

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