Lift up gate


Lift up gate
Description :

Lift up gate allows the opening of a passage in an industrial conveyor line. It is the removable extension of roller and belt conveyor.

You can choose between a free or power lift up gate.

It allows the opening for the supply of material or for the circulation of operators and machines. It can provide free access to a door or a transverse corridor when there are layout constraints.

The opening of lift up gate is done manually with a handle on the sides and without effort.

It frees up a space of 750 mm and if two lift up gate are placed next to each other, a space of 1 500 mm frees.

Benefits :

  • Facilitate access around the conveyor line
  • Improve working conditions

Technical data :

  • Ø Rollers : 40, 48 and 50
  • Between axes : 50, 75, 100, 150 and 200 mm
  • Width : 300 to 1 000 mm
  • Charge maximum : 80 Kg/ml
Application area(s)

Logistics, E-commerce, Entire industry, Parcel, Furniture industry

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