LIFTRONIC PN Series: 100% pneumatic manipulators

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LIFTRONIC PN Series: 100% pneumatic manipulators
Sunday, May 25, 2008Description :
These manipulators are fully pneumatic balancers, designed for complex applications and compatible with all power actuated socket systems.

This series of pneumatic manipulators has the advantage of allowing the gripping and moving of cantilevered parts. This characteristic is particularly advantageous for applications or the manipulator can not be positioned vertically of the part. (Ovens, presses, cardboard machines).

Reliable and ergonomic thanks to its fully pneumatic logic and the positioning of its cylinder which allows a constant maintenance of the balancing of the load.

A series of advanced safety devices prevents any part fall even if there is no pneumatic supply.

The PN series can be equipped with an infinite series of mechanical, magnetic or vacuum grip tools. These specific tools are the strength of Indeva. These are entirely studied and designed by Indeva in Italy, in line with the client's specifications.

The intelligent and specific part of the socket tool will be developed on one of the 18 CAD stations of one Scaglia INDEVA design office. The design of complex grip tools can therefore be envisaged at very reasonable costs.

Due to their compactness, pneumatic manipulators of the PN series can be mounted on a column with articulated arms, on the ceiling or on a trolley sliding on overhead rails, simple or with articulated arms.

Thanks to constant improvements made by Scaglia INDEVA's research and development department, the PN series, although of traditional technology, is more and more universal, compact and handy, it is found in all sectors of industry.

Technical characteristics :

- Maximum capacity: 250 kg

- Maximum range of action: 2.7 meters

- Vertical stroke: up to 1.75 meters

- ATEX standard directives CE94 / 9

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