Liftruck® by SCAGLIA INDEVA: an electronic manipulator integrated into a pallet truck or forklift

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Liftruck® by SCAGLIA INDEVA: an electronic manipulator integrated into a pallet truck or forklift
Saturday, November 8, 2008Description :
The Liftruck®, which integrates the Liftronic electronic balancer with a forklift truck or an electric pallet truck, is designed and maintained by SCAGLIA INDEVA

This product is particularly well suited to the handling of heavy and compact products like all materials delivered in the form of coils.

In this case, the Liftruck® incorporates a trolley for transporting the coil pallet, the INDEVA Liftronic with the articulated arm and the orbital head for the handling of the coils.

Liftruck® is indispensable for the textile industries, in the texturing, spinning and weaving workshops, to load the creels up to 5 meters high with reels of 35/40 kilogram yarn . A man can do the whole work cycle, which involves transporting the pallets with the reels of the magazine on the creel, loading the reels on the creel, rotating them by 90 °, and collecting the small ones Tubes and cartons, on the same trolley.

The spindle clamp allows you to take and release the spool quickly; It is possible to release the coil only when it rests stably on the pile, which guarantees good safety.

The Liftronic electronic balancer guarantees smooth, precise and fast handling of the coils. The orbital head is equipped with a device for adjusting the center of charge of the coil and a system for rapid change of the spindle, which makes it possible to take reels with an internal diameter varying from 70 to 150 mm.

The control panel integrated in the Liftruck is developed by Indeva, very complete and intuitive, it allows the operator to work beside the trolley. The panel includes: a direction indicator, a battery charge indicator, a steering wheel with power steering, control handles for moving the carriage forward or backward, a locking pusher and a start key .

It is also possible to use the Liftruck for the handling of all kinds of heavy boxes and packaging, adapting a vacuum tooling to creation of vacuum specific to the application.

Technical characteristics :

Max lifting capacity: 50kg

Vertical travel max: 3000 mm

Max. Lifting speed: 0.6 m / sec

Control: Electronic 24 Volt C.C.

Power consumption: 700 VA

Articulated arm Orbit-Arm®: 2 articulations of customizable length.

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