Our mission is to address the most common logistics and operational challenges in the supply chain by reducing transportation needs, eliminating packaging waste, and offering products that are easier to use.

All operations are grouped together in the "Hog Works" factory - our head office in Sheffield, UK. It is in this old 11,000 m² renovated cannon factory on the banks of the Don River that the design, development and manufacture of our products take place. We have all the necessary equipment, starting with Engel injection molding presses, a state-of-the-art MART interlayer washing machine, and our own "innovation and ideas center", the real gray matter of our factory. .

Respect for the environment is a paramount consideration not only in the design of a new product, but also throughout its manufacturing process. Indeed, all our products can be made from recycled material, we use an independent cooling system, we seek to recover the heat of our machines to heat the factory, our washing system works without detergent and we recycle ourselves. even all used or superfluous parts and debris (falls).

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