LOC launches a new stacker: the J - J14 & J16 series

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LOC launches a new stacker: the J - J14 & J16 series
Saturday, April 12, 2008Description :
This new stacker, proposed in 1400 & 1600 kg and soon in 1200 kg, is positioned perfectly in the range to meet the vast majority of demands.

This stacker is equipped with the latest technologies (AC motors, CAN BUS etc.).

Designed with a 800 mm wide chassis and a central drawbar, it is positioned perfectly in the range to meet a large majority of demands.

It is available in:

- 2 capacities (1400 & 1600 kg),

- 2 types of chassis (forking and initial lifting),

- 5 types of masts equipped with a protective screen guaranteeing the safety of the user.

The platform version will be available as of October and a version 1200 kg in initial lifting (LI).

For greater safety, the speed of movement has been limited when the lift of the forks reaches 1m80 in height (version FR & LI).

The LI function is allowed up to a height of forks of 1m80.

The perforated forks are mechanically welded, ensuring rigidity and visibility.

The total proportionality on the hydraulic functions offers a great flexibility of use, with the possibility of adding other accessories.

The tiller, equipped with a can-bus card, has an "advance turtle" button to maneuver in slow speed,

It may be equipped in particular:

- side frames,

- an electrical direction,

- fork extensions with removable ends,

- a load backsplash,

- a micro limit switch to limit the elevation (stop height to be determined),

- rapid exchange of batteries by lateral extraction.

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