MARKEM 5200 and 5400 Hot Melt Inkjet Encoders

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MARKEM 5200 and 5400 Hot Melt Inkjet Encoders
Monday, October 6, 2008Description :
Both encoder models can simultaneously print two sides of a carton in real time and meet the demanding conditions of industrial environments.

The 5200 and 5400 Encoders, featuring print heads with 256 addressable jets, deliver perfectly readable prints (100% re-reading of barcodes and EAN 128), including on irregular surfaces (corrugated or recycled paper) , Glossy surfaces, flexible and rigid plastic films and even shrink films.

The 5200 can control two printheads and the 5400, up to four heads. These two models of encoders offer an average time between two failures (MTBF) of 16,000 hours.

Touch Dry® solid ink:

This print reliability is achieved through the use of Touch Dry® proprietary ink. This solvent-free ink, in the form of solid blocks, liquefies before it is thrown onto a support and dries instantaneously upon contact.

Printing thus avoids the problems of ink migration and the "blotting" effects associated with the use of liquid inks. Available in 4 colors (black, blue, green and red), it avoids the storage of pre-printed cardboard and offers the possibility of replacing the ink bread of the tank without spilling it around the device .

In addition, the 5200/5400 Encoders have an Automatic Purge Function. Thus, the marking is not affected by condensation or moisture: in the case of storage of printed cartons in a humid environment (or subjected to changes in temperature), the Touch Dry® ink, Like liquid inks, avoids the phenomenon of penetration and diffusion of the ink into the support, which makes the marking and the bar codes unreadable.

Easy programming:

Through the interface screen, the operator selects and modifies the information to be printed, and directly accesses the parameters and diagnostic functions of the encoder. The CoLOS software

Create Professional allows you to create and edit print formats intuitively from a PC. The CoLOS Enterprise software brings together CoLOS Create Professional and allows to manage and control the marking equipment of a production line.

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