Markem-Imaje 1050 Thermal Inkjet Coder

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Markem-Imaje 1050 Thermal Inkjet Coder
Thursday, June 12, 2014Description :
This new Markem Imaje thermal inkjet coder allows you to print high-resolution serial numbers as well as complex 1D and 2D barcodes on fast production lines.

The 1050 thermal ink encoder meets the needs of the agri-food, beverage and drug sectors, among others. The new 1050 encoder also excels in encoding cartons in dusty, humid and corrosive environments.

This coder produces very dense texts, logos and graphics in resolutions up to 600 dpi, even on fast production lines.

The quality of high speed printing is explained by the very precise way in which the 600 nozzles contained in each print head are controlled. By using the dot density - between 1 and 600 - printing is optimized. The flexibility in the choice of the printheads allows to print codes with a height between 12.7 mm and 50.8 mm.

The reduced maintenance of the 1050 encoder is due to the dual function of the ink cartridges: print head and ink tank, without moving parts. Simple and efficient thanks to the fast insertion and withdrawal of the cartridges by interlocking, the 1050 limits the production stoppages to a maximum, thus ensuring a high availability of the equipment.

The 1050 encoder has a user-friendly and intuitive WYSIWYG user interface - identical to that of other Markem-Imaje products - built into a 7-inch touchscreen. Finally, the model is fully compatible with the optional Markem-Imaje CoLOS® coding software, which can be used to manage several types of networked Markem-Imaje encoders.

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