Markem-Imaje brings increased connectivity to its 4020 large character ink encoder

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Markem-Imaje brings increased connectivity to its 4020 large character ink encoder
Sunday, October 26, 2008Description :
A new option available on the 4020 encoder provides customers with the connectivity they need to integrate and automate their carton marking processes on their production lines.

The 4020 Large Ink Coder Input / Output Box provides a simple, protocol-free connection via a dedicated interface port, allowing additional input and output options. The printer thus benefits from increased functionality, including the ability to correctly label random cardboards.

 It is essential that at the end of the production line the right code is marked on the right product, explains Martin Dijkstra, product manager for Markem-Imaje's range of large-format ink jet printers.

 The cells installed at the end of each line inform the printer of the approach of a carton through the input / output box. The appropriate message is then selected and printed.

For some applications, the height of the carton makes it possible to identify its contents and its destination. In this case too, the cells connected to the input / output box trigger the right combination of printheads to print the exact message.

Installing and programming the input / output box is fast and easy thanks to the intuitive interface. The current users of the 4020 who are looking for greater connectivity in their marking process can thus benefit from improved at lower cost.

The large character ink jet coder 4020 has brought increased ease of use and performance in large print inkjet printing. Since its launch in 2006, the flexibility of the 4020 has been demonstrated in a wide range of applications, controlling up to four print heads for a print height of 8 to 64 mm. Several lines of text can be simultaneously printed on the bottom, top and sides of a cardboard.

This large character inkjet coder features a large, backlit graphic display, intuitive icons and menus in the local language: anything that can simplify everyday use. Users also enjoy high-speed connectivity that simplifies integration across all production lines.

Now, thanks to the increased connectivity provided by the optional I / O box, the 4020's capabilities have been extended to ensure automated and reliable marking at the end of the production line.

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