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Thursday, June 6, 2019Description : All Hyster? H8-16XM-6 fork lift trucks are equipped with heavy duty Vista masts with a wide range of carriages available to suit the toughest applications. In this video we take an in-depth look at our 'Pin type carriage'. Here are some of it's key features and characteristics: ? The carriage's optimized design has reduced the lost load centre, resulting in 400 kilogram of extra capacity. This optimization allows more load to be handled with every move, without increasing truck size. ? The side-shift is provided by a separate frame and always maintains the same range, regardless of the position of the forks. For the 8 to 12 tonne truck this means a maximum 150 millimetre side-shift, and for the 13 to 16 tonne truck 200 millimetre. As the full amount of side-shift is always available, even with wide and small loads, this minimizes the need for re-positioning the truck, adding to a more efficient workflow. ? The fixed frame requires a reduced amount of structural components, resulting in an open design with better visibility. This results in a reduced amount of required head movement from the truck operator, when picking up or positioning the load. ? The fixed amount of side-shift results in a higher residual capacity above 5500 millimetre when adhering to ISO regulations, without compromising on the fork positioning stroke. This is beneficial for applications which often change between wide or small loads and use maximum or minimum fork spread, whilst lifting heavy loads above 5500 millimetre. ? The pin on the carriage allows the forks to swing and take minor side loading on the forks. When the forks are pulled out of a tight space, with the forks tilted slightly towards the load, this reduces the risk of damage. Simply put, when the forks are misaligned the pin can take some forces sideways. Find out more about the Hyster? H8-16XM-6 fork lift truck here: Stay up to date with everything Hyster? related: ? Like this video and subscribe to our channel! ?Connect with us on LinkedIn: ?Like our Facebook-page: ?Follow us on Instagram:

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