MBR 3000 from SSI SCHAEFER: A new edge-of-chain shelving system

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MBR 3000 from SSI SCHAEFER: A new edge-of-chain shelving system
Thursday, September 11, 2008Description :
The MBR3000 rack is suitable for picking and preparing orders for space-saving parts, especially in companies using the Kaizen or Lean Manufacturing principle.

This chain rack is intended for all types of industries (automotive, mechanics, electronics ...) as well as suppliers of industrial parts.


Ergonomics is an important point in the design of the MBR3000. Indeed, the inclined shelves allow the trays to slide towards the side of the sampling, which avoids any unnecessary effort. Separating walls can be positioned at will on the shelves with a pitch of 41 mm and the height of the shelves is adjustable with a pitch of 53 mm. This allows an adaptation and a personalization of the shelving to the length and the height of the stored products.

The shelves are anti-static (ESD) They are entirely made of zinc to protect the electronic components from the dangers of uncontrolled electrostatic discharges.

And safety is not left behind: in order to protect the preparer from possible falls, the bins are stopped by a limiting beam. Similarly, ladders are equipped with side guides to prevent sinks from slipping or falling.

The double depth system has basic scales and additional scales to adapt the shelving to the customer's needs. The MBR3000 chain edge shelving system has a considerable economic advantage since its design was designed to save the second scale, the middle one. Thanks to the spars, stability and safety are maintained despite the removal of the ladders.

The double-depth shelving is particularly suitable for high parts rotations according to the FIFO (First In First Out) principle. The racks are supplied at the rear and the picking takes place at the front without any loss of time or inconvenience for the operator.

Another advantage of the MBR3000: it is very simple to install. Indeed, the ladders and components are pre-assembled and can be assembled without screws or bolts. They support loads of 2.5 tonnes per span.

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