New Aprolis Cat Lift Trucks order picker NO20T

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New Aprolis Cat Lift Trucks order picker NO20T
Monday, September 8, 2008Description :
This order picker with a lifting capacity of 2.0 tons has a control tiller positioned for comfortable use.

The new order picker NO20NT, with a lifting capacity of 2.0 tons, has a wheelbase of 1,928 mm, forks with a length of 1,150 mm, a maximum speed of 9 km / h and has a control tiller positioned for Comfortable use.

With this new equipment, Cat Lift Trucks develops its range of order pickers to meet every configuration imaginable. The Cat Lift Trucks order picker range includes machines suitable for first and second collection levels and for handling single and double pallets.

The range is divided into two groups - NOL-N short wheelbase and longer NO-N wheelbase.

The first division consists of the NOL10N, a 1.0 tonne capacity machine with lifting platform; Of the NOL10NF, which includes a lifting platform and an auxiliary fork lift; And NOL10NV, with manual fork positioning.

The second division includes the NO10NSF, a 1.0 tonne capacity fork with lifting forks; NO10NSPF, 1.0 tonne capacity with lifting forks and platform; The NO20NS, with a capacity of 2.0 tons; And the NO20NSP, 2.0 ton capacity with lifting platform.

The standard equipment includes a battery discharge indicator that incorporates a lifting function for battery protection regenerative braking to increase range, a PIN code start (optional on the NO20NT) and possible adjustment of Parameters for each operator.


All the equipment benefits from fast acceleration and excellent maneuverability with automatic speed reduction in curves, and models equipped with steering by steering wheel also incorporate a multifunctional display that provides information to operators about the main functions Of the device such as the wheel position indicator and the travel speed.

All equipment benefits from AC technology, which leads to increased performance and reduced maintenance costs compared to traditional engines, maximizing reliability and user availability.

An easy-access battery compartment and a battery side output system are provided as standard on all models for quick and efficient battery change. All of them also incorporate a counter indicating the time remaining before the next maintenance.

Many options are available such as rubber bumpers, briefcases, embedded computer brackets, special colors and customizable side casings.

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